The Supplement Battle: BCAA Vs. EAA

What are Essential Amino Acids (EAAs)?

Summary: The 9 amino acids that need to be obtained from food are essential amino acids. Animal protein, beans, lentils, and nuts are good sources of them.

What is BCAA?

Summary: The three essential amino acids, leucine, isoleucine, and valine are BCAAs. They are excellent workout supplements that aid in muscle protein synthesis and help recover faster post-workout.

Why Use BCAA or EAA Supplements?

Summary: People who can’t meet their protein requirements through diet; people whose protein requirement increases because of intense training; should go for supplements to meet their needs.

Why BCAAs are More Popular than EAAs

Summary: EAAs provide you with all the essential amino acids that the body needs, which also includes the three BCAAs. They are the right choice to supplement your body’s need if it does not have sufficient protein. However, if you are having a healthy diet, BCAAs are better for your muscle-building fitness regime.

BCAA vs EAA — What the Research Says

1. Depends Upon Your Protein Intake

Summary: BCAA is the right option for people who have met the EAA need of the body and want an extra supplement to support workout. In case, your diet is deficient in protein, then the need for EAA increases more than BCAA, and that’s the supplement you should go for.

2. Depends Upon Your Workout Regime

Summary: After an intense workout, when new muscle protein synthesis occurs, EAA gives you a better array of required amino acids than a BCAA supplement alone. If you prefer to take a BCAA supplement, then make sure to include more protein-rich foods in your diet.

3. Depends Upon Your Post-workout Recovery Rate

Summary: When it comes to muscle protein synthesis after a strenuous workout, even though BCAA supplements have shown an impressive positive effect, EAA’s benefits are much more.

EAA vs BCAA: The Winner

Summary: EAA supplements have all the 9 essential amino acids including the three BCAAs. However, the concentration of leucine is higher in BCAA supplements than EAA supplements. BCAA is more effective if you can meet your protein requirements through diet and need a supplement to boost your muscle building effort.


1. When is the Right Time to Take BCAAs and EAAs?

2. When Should You Take EAA and What Should be the Dosage?

The Final Note



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