NutritionEverything You Need to Know About Mass Gainers

What is a Mass Gainer?

The 5 Most Important Ingredients in Mass Gainers

1. Protein

Summary: This systematic analysis indicates that protein by way of mass gainer supplement may increase muscle mass and performance.

2. Digestive Enzymes

Summary: Enzymes are needed for the breakdown of food into molecules making them building blocks at a much faster speed. Enzymes also support the speed, force, and power of muscular contractions.

3. Creatine

Summary: Studies have shown that creatine not only provides enhanced performance in training but also has the potential to deliver benefits as a supplement for recovery from injury, providing energy for heavy training bouts. The nutrient also serves as a probable supplement throughout the lifespan.

4. Carbohydrates

Summary: The intake of a mass gainer containing carbohydrates, helps to promote effective recovery. Along with proteins, contained in the mass gainer, the nutrients allow for quick access to muscle glycogen.

5. Other Important Nutritional Content

How Mass Gainers Benefit Bodybuilders

Muscle Building

Summary: Training increases the effects of protein supplementation while undertaking resistance exercise training. No further gains in fat-free mass occur for protein intake higher than 1.6 grams per kilogram of body weight.

Gain In Weight

Summary: Mass gainers support healthy weight gain to benefit in building muscles and strength. Therefore it is packed with macro and micronutrients needed during recovery when muscle growth takes place.

Managing Weight

Summary: Mass gainers provide a lot of calories which when ingested helps in gaining weight. It is far more convenient and easier to consume as compared to a diet with a similar nutrient balance.

Faster Muscle Recovery

Summary: Consuming supplements that contain amino acids post-exercise promotes recovery and immunity apart from the growth of lean body mass. A mass gainer is a convenient supplement that serves timely and sufficient intake of these essential nutrients.

Who Benefits From A Mass Gainer?

Weight Lifters and Bodybuilders


People Who Cannot eat Much

The Recommended Dosage For a Mass Gainer

The Side Effects Of Mass Gainers

The Final Note



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