7 Scientifically Proven Benefits of Potassium

How Does Potassium Work?

7 Proven Health Benefits of Potassium

1. Effects of Potassium on High Blood Pressure

Summary: Potassium regulates the fluid balance in the body thereby averting its excessive accumulation. This results in less pressure on the arteries which prevents high blood pressure.

2. Potassium Intake and Lower Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD)

Summary: Potassium lowers the chances of CVD by reducing the biomarkers that are responsible. It lowers blood pressure, ensures a healthy heartbeat, and reduces bad cholesterol.

3. Potassium May Treat Arrhythmia

Summary: Inadequate potassium causes hypokalemia and can be one of the triggers to a fatal arrhythmia. Sufficient potassium intake brings back the balance and may cure this problem.

4. Potassium and Brain Activity

Summary: By acting as a vasodilator and facilitating adequate oxygen supply to the brain, potassium helps in the functioning of the neural activities in a healthy way.

5. Potassium and Bone Health

Summary: By neutralizing the harmful acids that are created within the body, potassium helps inhibit bone resorption, thereby maintaining good bone health.

6. Reduced Risk of Osteoporosis

Summary: Potassium intake reduces the chances of osteoporosis by lowering the eating of calcium from the bones. This results in strong, healthy bones.

7. Potassium Regulates Fluid Balance

Summary: The potassium along with sodium regulates the fluid balance in the body and maintains optimal health.

The Importance of a Balanced, Potassium-Rich Diet

Potassium Deficiencies: Symptoms and Diseases

The Dosage and Side Effects of Potassium Supplements

Frequently Asked Questions About Potassium

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