15 Evidence-Based Health Benefits of Almonds

15 Proven Health Benefits of Almonds

1. Almonds are Rich in Antioxidants

Summary: Almonds have high amounts of antioxidants that may prevent the onset of degenerative diseases. Almond skin has a high antioxidant content, so do not peel them off before consuming them.

2. Almonds are High in Vitamin E

Summary: A handful of almonds provide nearly half of the recommended daily intake of vitamin E. This micronutrient has been linked to reduced cognitive decline among the aged.

3. Almonds Help Lower Blood Sugar

Summary: Almonds are low in carbs and high in fiber and minerals such as magnesium. Research has shown that magnesium helps to increase insulin sensitivity.

4. Almonds add Benefits to Blood Pressure Levels

Summary: Antioxidants in almonds have shown to reduce blood pressure. Increasing the level of magnesium through the oral dietary intake of almonds may contribute to maintaining healthy blood pressure.

5. Almonds Reduce Cholesterol Levels

Summary: A simple daily intake of one or two handfuls of low carbs almonds will help stop the increase of bad cholesterol and maintain good cholesterol levels in the blood. It reduces the possibility of heart diseases in healthy individuals.

6. Almonds Decrease the Oxidation of LDL Cholesterol

Summary: Almonds consumed as snacks are beneficial in reducing the oxidation of bad cholesterol, thereby, lowering the risk of coronary heart disease over time.

7. Almonds Reduce Hunger

Summary: Snacking on almonds helps reduce the number of calories you tend to consume in your subsequent meals. The high fiber and protein content in almonds keeps you feeling full for longer. It increases satiety.

8. Almonds May Help in Losing Weight

Summary: The consumption of almonds has an inverse association with body mass index. Though rich in calories, almonds do not cause weight gain but are effective in weight loss.

9. Almonds May Reduce The Risk of Cancer

Summary: A high daily consumption of almonds and other nuts like walnuts and peanuts may increase protection against breast cancer and colon cancer. More research is needed to establish these findings.

10. Almonds and Healthy Skin

Summary: Daily intake of almonds may help reduce wrinkle severity and wrinkle width. It has the potential to deliver anti-aging benefits.

11. Almond Boosts Bone Health

Summary: Theminerals and vitamins that are present in almonds help in maintaining bone density in the body. It supports bone development and contributes to preventing osteoporosis.

12. Almonds Can Help Gut Health

Summary: Almonds increase the defense of the body against damaging bacteria. It has the potential to work as a prebiotic when it is present for a longer time in the digestive system.

13. Almonds Can Keep Your Heart Healthy

Summary: The high amount of macro and micro-nutrients available in almonds makes it an ideal food needed to keep the vital paraments of the heart in balance. This helps in keeping your heart healthy.

14. Almonds Maintain a Healthy Brain Function

Summary: Almonds increase the production of acetylcholine, needed for brain communication. It also improves the retention of memory. It can assist against cognitive decline in age-related conditions.

15. Benefits of Almond for Hair

Summary: The oil of almonds is useful for hair growth as its ingredients like vitamin E and fatty acids keeps away dandruff and scalp inflammation. The oil protects the hair against negative environmental factors like stress.

Side Effects of Overeating Almonds

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