13 Proven Health Benefits of Kefir

What Is Kefir?

13 Proven Health Benefits of Kefir

1. Highly Nutritious

Summary: Kefir is a highly nutritious fermented drink with a very high amount of B-vitamins, proteins, vitamins A and D, and minerals such as potassium, magnesium, and calcium.

2. Powerful Probiotic Properties

Summary: Kefir is very high in probiotic bacteria and yeast and benefits our health in many ways.

3. Strong Antibacterial Properties

Summary: The good bacteria present in kefir has adverse effects on bad bacteria and helps protect your body from infection.

4. Important In Improving Bone Health And Lower The Risk of Osteoporosis

Summary: Kefir is rich in calcium, vitamin K2, protein, and potassium which are essential in boosting bone health and prevent or delay the onset of osteoporosis.

5. May Have Anticancer Properties

Summary: The probiotic bacteria in kefir has shown to have anti-cancer properties. They reduce tumor growth, combat carcinogenesis, and boost the immune system.

6. May Be Great In The Treatment of Digestive Problems

Summary: The good bacteria in kefir can colonize in the gastrointestinal tract and help maintain the gut microbiome balance promoting gut health.

7. Kefir May Lower Lactose Intolerance

Summary: Kefir is very low in lactose as compared to other dairy products and can be the answer to the lactose intolerance without compromising on the other nutrients like protein.

8. May Be Great in Combating Allergy and Asthma

Summary: Kefir suppresses the allergic specific responses and can prevent allergies. It suppresses inflammatory responses related to asthma.

9. May Control Blood Sugar Level

Summary: Like other fermented products, kefir has the potential to lower the blood sugar level, both fasting and HbA1c.

10. May Lower Cholesterol

Summary: Kefir may lower cholesterol and significantly reduce the bad cholesterol and triglycerides in the body.

11. Can Help In Controlling Weight

Summary: The high protein content of Kefir increases satiety and reduces the food intake aiding in weight loss.

12. Kefir Can Lower Skin Problems

Summary: The vitamins and organic acids in kefir reduce inflammation, clear up toxins, and improve the overall health of your skin.

13. Kefir Lowers Hair Fall And Promotes Growth

Summary: The bouquet of probiotics and nutrients in kefir nourishes the hair, protects it from aggressive chemicals, prevents dandruff, maintains moisture, and activates hair growth.

How to Make Kefir at Home

The Differences Between Kefir and Yogurt

The Side Effects of Kefir

FAQs Related to Kefir

1. When Should I Drink Kefir, at Night or Morning?

2. How Long Does it Take for Kefir to Start Working?

3. How Much Kefir Should I Drink Each Day?

4. How Do You Know if Kefir has Gone Bad?

The Final Note



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